Fail Fest – Celebrating Lessons from Failure in Hyderabad on May 3, 2013


In lane Adjacent to CBay,
Opposite GVKOne  Road No 1,
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad,
Andhra Pradesh

Event Date: May 3, 2013

Failure happens in so many different ways, at unexpected times and often has a lasting impact on an individual or a collective. Here’s a fun and engaging forum to celebrate and honor stories of valor, resilience and success.

As a society, we have constantly been taught that

  • Failure is undesirable
  • Failure is unacceptable
  • Failure is defeat
  • Failure is disaster

But, if you think about it, failure is in the truest sense ‘inevitable’. It is a quintessential part of life and you get to see it time and again. Like the classic dichotomies of life: Day-Night, Good-Bad, Black-White, Failure forms a pair with Success.

Fail Fest - Celebrating Lessons from Failure in Hyderabad on May 3, 2013

However, you can’t succeed every single time. You are bound to screw up on some occasions. But at the end it’s these failures that help us learn. These mistakes enable us to think, be creative and do the innovative.

It is with this spirit and intention that we have set out to explore this grey zone; by honoring the indomitable souls who rose from the trenches of failure by reflecting and learning from it. At the FailFest, we celebrate these lessons from failure and hope to inspire stories of success.

We plan to invite people from all walks of life, from book authors and actors to techies and entrepreneurs. Anybody, who has a compelling story can come and share it at the FailFest.

FailFest is all about:
– Victory over Vulnerability
– an Act of bravado
– following your heart; your passion
– persistence in times of adversity
– an opportunity to find fellow journeymen
– Learning. Reflection. Introspection
– gaining Insight and Hindsight; developing Foresight

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