Seminar about Management from a Biblical Perspective in Hyderabad on October 2, 2013


Family World, Begumpet,
Next to Hotel Manohar,
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Event Date: October 2, 2013

A one-day Seminar for Christian Believers, focusing on: Leadership & Personal Effectiveness. A corporate executive looks at Nehemiah’s 7 habits that lead him to be effective & contrasts it with the 7 Habits of Saul that rendered him ineffective. Of all the characters in the Bible none exemplifies leadership the way Nehemiah does. He saw a problem and took action.

Seminar about Management from a Biblical Perspective in Hyderabad on October 2, 2013

He understood God’s calling was to motivate the Jews to rebuild Jerusalem’s walls. He left a responsible position in the Persian government to do what God wanted. He organized, managed, participated, encouraged, met opposition, confronted injustice, and kept going until the walls were rebuilt in just 52 days! Nehemiah was a man of action. He was a leader determined to be a person on whom God could depend to act for him in the world. Indeed Nehemiah is a powerful biblical case study on Christian leadership.

• Being a leader requires prayer, planning, courage, hard work and perseverance.
• In order to lead, we must listen for God’s direction in our lives.
• Positive expectations are never a substitute for doing the difficult work.
• God uses each person in a unique way to accomplish his work.
• Seemingly impossible tasks can be accomplished when God is helping those who honor him.
Look forward to discovering more Leadership truths from Nehemiah at the “7 Habits of Highly Effective Disciples” session on the Oct 2nd, 2013

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Dr. K. Benny Prasad, (World’s most travelled musician & World Record Fastest to travel to every nation – 245 Nations in 6 years, 6 months & 22 days. 1 May 2004 – 22 November 2010 (194 Sovereign, 50 Dependent and Antarctica)

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Anand Pillai

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