Celebrating World Toilet Day Photo Contest By UNICEF India Till November 19, 2012

Toilets are an important part of our lives. Essentially, they are an irreplaceable aspect of our living. Yet, toilets are a sensitive issue in many communities in the public debate, like in India. This country has the largest number of people – more than 600 million – still defecating in the open.

Whatbetter way, then, to raise awareness of the importance of adequate toilet facilities than clicking yourself or your family and friends with your toilets? Let’s start the discussion!

Celebrating World Toilet Day Photo Contest By UNICEF India Till November 16, 2012

Take a picture of yourself or your family and friends with your toilet,upload it here, and show how happy and proud you are of using your toilet. Your photo will help in removing some of the sensitivity and to allow a more open conversation about toilets among the target audience.

Prizes: Prizes will be sponsored by Logitech.The first prize wins Z506 speakers; the second a Mini Boombox; and the third prize winner gets Z313 speakers.

Judging: The top 10 photos with highest number of votes on UNICEF India Facebook page when the contest closes on 19 November will make it to the final selection. Then, a panel of experts composed by one professional photographer and two senior UNICEF staff will select the three finalists. Winners will be announced on 22 November on UNICEF India Facebook page.

Prize Giving: All the prizes will be sent by the courier to the winners. In case the winner isbased in Delhi, he or she can collect it from UNICEF office in Lodi Estate.

Notification Of Contest Winners

UNICEF will announce the winners on 22 Novemberon the UNICEF India Facebook Page and on the www.donatetounicef.org/killthegermscampaign website by publishing the winning photos, along with the captions and photographers’ names. Winners will also be notified by e-mail or telephone.
UNICEF shall not be responsible or be liable if any winners cannot be contacted.

October 15, 2012 @ 05:00 pm (Asia/Kolkata)
November 19, 2012 @ 08:00 pm (Asia/Kolkata)
You must be at least 13 years old to enter.

Facebook Page URL : http://www.facebook.com/unicefindia/app_226105637428999
Complete Entry Info URL : http://apps.facebook.com/contestsapps/rules/Celebrating-World-Toilet-Day-Photo-Contest

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