FORMULA 10 Racing – Formulating racing hearts at PRRMEC in Hyderabad on March 22, 2013

Event Task:

Teams should get their formula one modeled scaled car to race on a tarmac track representing Buddh International Circuit (1:45 scale)


From the moment “GO” begins the race and all throughout you keep dreaming of just one place, The Check line. Gripping the ground and accelerating you keep moving but finally comes the fear and apart from winning you just don’t care. When your car hits the race let the track itself say, Oh!! Here comes the one that shall show you the way.

Forumula 10 at PRRM Engineering College on March 22, 2013

-Number of participants for each team(min 2 & max 4)members.
-Students from different educational institutes may also form a team.
Registration fee: 350/- per team


All students with a valid identity card of their respective educational institutes are eligible to participate.


V.Sainadh – +91 9440653330 –

Website URL:

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