Chaos 2012 – Cultural Carnival in IIM Ahmedabad on December 20-23, 2012

Venue :

IIM Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad, India 380115

Start Date : December 20, 2012
End Date : December 23, 2012

As the saying goes… Order was the dream of man, but CHAOS was the law of nature. Introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order, and everything becomes CHAOS. We, the agents of CHAOS, bring to you CHAOS-2012: an amalgamation of spectacular events and dazzling performances from the best in the business. Chaos-2011 went international for the first time and left us awestruck with a profound mix of art and music from the likes of Led Zepplica, Havikoro (Texas, US), KK, Isha Sharvani, Jagjit Singh and Makrand Deshpande, to name a few.

Chaos 2012 - Cultural Carnival in IIM Ahmedabad on December 20-23, 2012

Come December, 2012, and the curtains will rise again on the four-day spectacle of unparalleled excitement, nerve-wracking competitions and spot events, workshops from professional artists, and to top it all, awe-inspiring performances from the biggest stars on the planet.

Events :

Music events
Dance events
Fine arts
Why so serious
Fash P
Blizzards of Rock

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Organizers :

Shantanu Agarwal – -9099946342

Kapil Jambhulkar -9537125401

Rohit Garg -9099946332

Event Coordinators:

Blizzards of Rock:
Abhimanyu Kumar -9537413447

Fashion Parade:
Shruti Sharma -8758207501

Choreo (Group Dance):
Gaurav Arora – 8469566234

Dhanalakshmi V. – – 9537834549

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