Excavate 2016 – Management Fest in Gujarat from December 2-4, 2016

Excavate 2016 - Management Fest in Gujarat from December 2-4, 2016

Excavate is a data interpretation event. The event consists of two rounds. It is a team event. Each team can be of size 2 to 3 members. All members of a team have to be from the same b-school.
Number of Participants in a Team (Min-Max): 02-03
Number of Rounds: 02

Round 1 Details: Online
Description of Round 1: First round is online quiz. The quiz is based on research methodologies, their interpretations, and their application. It is an elimination round. Only top 7 teams will be selected in the second round.
Rules and Regulations for Round 1:
The online quiz is multiple-choice-single answer type.
For every correct answer +1 will be awarded (there is no negative mark).
Each team can have 2 to 3 members only.

Round 2 Details: On-Campus
Description of Round 2: This round involves visiting a shopping mall in Ahmedabad. One or two malls will be decided and participants will be taken by college transportation to those location. There, the participants are supposed to get questionnaires filled which will be based on a research case provided by one of the judge members. The next step is, each team will present their findings in front of two judges. Each team will get 10 minutes for presentation (8 minutes for presentation; 2 minute for questions and answer). At the end of the presentation, the results will be shared with the teams.

Rules and Regulations for Round 2:
The data interpretation has to be made in college computer lab.
Students will not be allowed to make any change to the presentation they have made after they have mailed them to clique id.
2.5 hours of time will be provided to solve all the questions and prepare a Word report and PowerPoint presentation justifying their solution.
The decision of contest organizers and panel of judges will be final and binding to all the contestants.

Round 3 Details : On-Campus
Description of Round 3: Delivered at the time of event.

Common Rules applicable to all Rounds of the Event:
Participants in a team should be from the same college & person can register as part of only one team.
Participant can be from any B-School or final year of graduation course (if applied for CAT, 2016).
ID cards of respective college are mandatory for participation. For graduation courses, CAT application form Xerox is also compulsory.
Accommodation and food for the participants will be facilitated by Institute of Management, Nirma University.
Participants of this Event will be reimbursed for the minimum travelling expenses as per rates of sleeper class of train from their city to Ahmedabad ( if and only if they provide confirm tickets at the time of registration)

Register Now: https://goo.gl/forms/VJ9ioTuCqu5UFMDy2

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