Bengaluru Drag Fest-2017 from April 15-16, 2017

Bengaluru Drag Fest-2017 from April 15-16, 2017

Drag Racing is the oldest form of racing for motorists wherein two racers compete with each other for a said amount of distance, and the first to reach the destination wins the race. Specially designed automobiles and motorcycles are used for this type of motor racing.

In this race, there is a short straight course that needs to be covered from the standing start to the finish line, over a measured distance of most commonly 1/4th mile, that is, 1320 ft (402 m). Two participants line up at a drag-strip with a signaled starting line. Upon signal, they both accelerate down the 0.40 km long two lane straight-paved track, where their elapsed time and terminal speed are recorded. The one who covers the distance in the shortest time wins the race.

Electronic timing and speed sensing systems are used to record the race and measure the results. These systems and procedures have been in use since the 1960s, ever since Drag Racing initiated. The history of automobiles and motorcycles being used for Drag Racing is nearly as long as the history of motorized vehicles themselves, and since then this sport has existed in both forms of racing – street racing and regulated motorsport.

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