Startup Saturday Hyderabad November Edition on November 12, 2016

Startup Saturday Hyderabad November Edition on November 12, 2016

Theme: Building the ‘A’ Team

The cost of hiring someone bad is so much greater than missing out on someone good – Joe Kraus

For few, hiring is an art while for others it works out with numbers and sound reasoning, thereby suggesting it’s more of a science. With such varied opinions, the fact remains that building the ‘A’ team is one of the biggest hurdle for a startup founder. No wonder investors largely invest in teams and not the idea itself. It then becomes that much more important for founders to recruit the right people.

The challenges are wide ranging – from hefty salaries and perks of large corporates to cultural fit and alignment with the founders’ vision. Amidst all this, ever wondered how successful startup founders hire the right candidates? How do they build their initial teams? What is their thought process?

Get all these questions answered and much more at the #SSHyd November edition where we feature startup founders who have successfully conquered this challenge and an interactive panel discussion with experienced founders sharing their learnings.



09:30 AM: Registration

10:00 AM: Introduction to Headstart and ecosystem announcements

10:15 AM: Audience Introduction – Understand some of the hiring challenges

10:30 AM: Startup showcase

11:45 AM: Panel Discussion

12:30 PM: Networking

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