Abhignyan 2K13 – Techno Cultural Fest in Hyderabad from Feb 28 – March 2, 2013

Venue :

Sai-Sudhir Institute Of Engg and Tech For Women,
Kundanpally, Keesara, Hyderabad- 501301.

Start Date : 28th February, 2013
End Date : 2nd March 2013, 2013
Last Dates for Registration : 22nd February, 2013

Abhignyan 2K13 - Tech Fest in Hyderabad from Feb 22 -  March 2, 2013

Technical Events :

CSE: Paper Presentation, Poster Presentation, Debugger, Quiz, Java Guru, Andriod Workshop
ECE: Paper Presentation, Poster Presentation, Alpha-Omega, Electronic Arena, Jam, Workshop, Technical mathematica
EEE: Paper Presentation, Poster Presentation, Technical Quiz, Circuit Game, Mystifier
Mechanical: Paper Presentation, Technical Games, Robo Race, Robo Fight

Non Technical Events :

CSE: Mind Game, Treasure Hunt, Click Pic, Dextter’s Lab, Quad Quo, Mehandi, Blind Art, Tattoo Making/Face Painting, Nail Art, G.D/Debat, Short Film
ECE: Text & Triumph, Japan-O-Memory, Trap & Snap, Chick Race, Monolightening
EEE: Ballons Popping, Voice Your Views, Pic-A-Pix.

Organizers :

SSIETW – +91-9160646000 – abhignyan2k13@gmail.com
Mona Sitlani – +91-9966795000

Website URL : http://www.ssietw.ac.in
Facebook Page : http://www.facebook.com/Abhignyan2k13

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