Anthah Prerana - Rewarding Inner Spirit of Entrepreneurs in Bangalore on or before October 25, 2013

Important Dates:

Last Date of Submission: October 25, 2013
Date of Shortlist Announcement: November 15, 2013
Grand Gala: November 30, 2013

Often entrepreneurship gets reduced to money, media hype and celebrity-hood. The entrepreneur’s deep driving desire that powers creation of one’s own destiny isn’t recognised. It is this inner drive that enables the entrepreneur to confront, work around, negotiate and solve insurmountable problems. Every day.

Come, join TiE Bangalore as it celebrates “AnthahPrerana” – the deep driving desire, self motivation of an entrepreneur.

Who Can Attend?

  • Social Enterprise focused on India
  • Social Enterprise with global focus
  • Commercial Enterprise focused on India
  • Commercial Enterprise with global focus

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