UIET Kurukshetra University,
Kurukshetra, Haryana

Start Date: November 21, 2013
End Date: November 22, 2013

ANUSANDHAN is a Sanskrit word which means continuing research. It is synonymous with excellent- good as gold in knowledge, performance, presentation, innovation & implementation. This precisely echoes the spirit of ANUSANDHAN’13, here at UIET, the annual national level technical festival. The technical festival will be a 2 day event that will include competitive events, workshops, seminars, lecture series, paper presentations, quizzes, Literati and painting events and other fun events. It is organized to provide a bulk of opportunities to the students to showcase their core technical skills, fundamental abilities and creativities in all the field of engineering. The theme of ANUSANDHAN’13 is “INNOVATION” hence it will incite knowledge and a keen wish among the future engineers to EXCEL AND INNOVATE. It will be helpful in bringing out the technical knowledge of the students and put it to good use as well as enhance it through workshops, seminars, lectures etc. It will also provide them with the much needed break from their regular hectic schedule and will induce them to do something different. Hence it will definitely provide a platform to excel.

Anusandhan 2013 - Technical Fest in Haryana from November 21-22, 2013

1. Guest Lectures

2. General Events

2.1. Brain of UIET
2.2. The Budding Entrepreneur
2.3. 20! Q Can u Win
2.4. Shutter Up
2.5. Satire Writing
2.6. Rock-n-Roll
2.7. Jumble Up
2.8. Criss Cross
2.9. Ozone
2.10. Out of the Box

3. Technical Events

3.1. Computer Science Events
3.1.1. My Paper & Projects
3.1.2. Hackathon
3.1.3. Cipher-Decipher
3.1.4. Design-it Online
3.1.5. Quizzard
3.1.6. Web Hunt
3.2. Biotechnology Events
3.2.1. Research Paper Presentation
3.2.2. Poster Presentation
3.2.3. Surprize
3.2.4. Working Model Presentation
3.2.5. X-Quiz It
3.2.6. Group Discussion
3.3. Electronics & Communication
3.3.1. My Paper & Projects
3.3.2. Circuitovate
3.3.3. Quizz Wizz
3.3.4. Crack-o-Gate
3.3.5. Roboburst
3.3.6. Electro Marathon
3.4. Mechanical Events
3.4.1. My Paper & Projects
3.4.2. Desmod
3.4.3. Hit the shop floor
3.4.4. Congregation
3.4.5. Tech Builder
3.4.6. Finding Zeus


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