From: December 4, 2016
To: December 4, 2016
Venue:    Bangalore, India
Bangalore, India

Backdoors ft. Steven Wilson, Jose Gonzalez, and Patrick Watson in Bangalore on December 4, 2016

“Backdoors” is a biannual, unique, concept venture, and outdoor music experience owned solely by The Humming Tree. They bring to you stand alone shows featuring some of the biggest artists in the world for all the love that can be filled into produced warehouse venues and outdoor spaces in Bangalore, to start with. Backdoors is about keeping it simple, making space for good change by bringing music to your very own backyards.

Backdoors 2016 is themed ‘secret garden party’ and they’ve bought in none other than the talented artists Patrick Wilson, Jose Gaonzalez and Steven Wilson!

Patrick Watson
Patrick Watson is a Canadian singer-songwriter, whose blend of cabaret pop and classical music influences with indie rock has been compared to Rufus Wainwright, Jeff Buckley and Andrew Bird. He started off with singing in the local church choirs as a boy, studying jazz and classical piano performance, composition and arrangement, and singing and playing keyboards in the ska band Gangster Politics in high school. Watson left the band after graduating and began to explore other types of music, including electronica and ambient. In 2002, after returning from a trip to Vietnam, he decided to start a four-piece chamber pop group, bringing in bassist Mishka Stein, drummer Robbie Kuster (both of whom he had met at university), and former Gangster Politics guitarist Simon Angell. Patrick Watson (the band) also won the prestigious Polaris Music Prize (Canada) in 2007.

Jose Gonzalez
José González’ stellar career can only be described as a dream. His classic interpretation of The Knife’s ‘Heartbeats’ provided the son of Argentinian parents with a jumpstart that has since tallied an impressive nearly 150 million streams on Spotify and a near ubiquitous presence on radio stations around the globe. He won Grammies, played the entire gold standard of American TV shows, headlined prestigious festivals, sold out concert venues on all continents, and produced a Hollywood soundtrack for Ben Stiller. The touch of this man turns things into gold. His warm intimate voice and tender harmonies, underlined by a dexterously plucked Spanish guitar and muted percussion deliver profoundly thoughtful lyrics largely revolving around ideas of civilization, humanism and solidarity. A sincere, artful performer whose singular approach to songwriting and sonics sets him worlds apart, José González is in a class by himself. He has a voice. He has a sound. He has a point of view.

Steven Wilson
One of the most eclectic and prolific artist in rock music, Steven Wilson has been writing, recording, and producing music continuously since the age of 10. The two projects which gained him entry to the professional music world after Porcupine Tree and No Man. Porcupine Tree, which explored psychedelia, progressive music, and his love of ambitious seventies music, was initially an imaginary “band” which, in reality, Steven overdubbed all the instruments himself.
Porcupine Tree was founded as a self-indulgent creative outlet for Wilson, creating the progressive rock/ambient sound, which continued to evolve and confront the expectations of the band’s fans from album to album. In late 1993, the solo project became a band. The first real band album recorded was ‘Signify’ in 1996, which was followed by ‘Stupid Dream’ (1999). Later with a line up change, they released three major label album releases — ‘In Absentia’ and ‘Deadwing, and the Grammy-nominated “Fear of a Blank Planet’. The band released their tenth studio album, The Incident, in 2009.


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