Blogging Blueprint by Kulwant Nagi in Delhi on November 26, 2016

Blogging Blueprint by Kulwant Nagi in Delhi on November 26, 2016

Blogging Blueprint is an event organized by Kulwant Nagi.

Kulwant Nagi is the owner and founder of, a blog where you can learn how to start a blog and monetize it in a proper way.

The motto behind this event is to share the knowledge among upcoming bloggers.

This is a platform where you are not only going to learn blogging tips to make money online, but this is a great opportunity for you to meet your online buddies.

The motto behind this event is to fulfill the gap between the experts and newbies.

Here you are going to learn:

  1. How to be confident to become a next blogging superstar.
  2. How to optimize your blog to bring more traffic and sales.
  3. How to work with WordPress efficiently and make your blog SEO friendly.
  4. Ingredients to become a successful blogger.
  5. How to monetize your blog and take it to next level.

and many insights directly from my experience.

I am doing blogging since 2011, so I know where the pits and falls are.

From Google updates, algorithm changes, different make money online methods and many new things.. I have seen the changes in last 5 years.

I have been featured on big sites like YourStory, HuffingtonPost, Neil Patel, ProBlogger and many big publications.

I have been featured in Hindustan Times, Careers 360 magazine, local newspapers and got interviewed more than 30 times as across the world.

I am here to give you tips and tricks to make your blog successful.

A blog which is going to help you survive for multiple years.

Make your dreams come true by working from home and enjoy the life which most people dream to live.

Let’s meet in this Blogging Blueprint seminar and become great bloggers together.

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