Digital Marketing Demystified in Delhi on April 20, 2017

Digital Marketing Demystified in Delhi on April 20, 2017

The Park Hotel, New Delhi | 20 April | Thursday – This is probably the ONLY event, you will ever have to attend, to get your thoughts structured for a super digital transformation, including new age Digital Marketing and Integrated Digital presence. Assets, Enhancers, Campaigns around each TG and around each market (search, profile, contextual, marketplace and mobile). See the videos below to know how we deliver, what we do, why we are one of the most knowledgeable team, not only in India but across the globe. Highly passionate, highly hands-on, ask us 100 questions, we will give 95 answers on the spot and 5 we will research and get back to you, that is the level of confidence after working for 1000s of projects for last 14+ years.

We regularly run full digital marketing courses for world’s best MBA colleges like IIFT (Considered among India’s top 10), executive MBA UPH (Jakarta) etc, see some of our presentations at IIMs & IITs on Slideshare, some corporate training at Mitsubishi, HP, Aditya Birla etc

This is a lifetime opportunity for all, don’t miss this, the costing is bare minimum as the purpose is to educate and connect. The costing includes Lunch, Tea as well.

What will you learn in the session?

  • World’s most preferred Digital Framework (Assets, Enhancers & POEM campaign layer)
  • World’s most preferred Digital Marketing Structure (Journey of customer)
  • Understanding Digital markets (Search Intent, Profile Target, Contextual, Re-engagement & mobile)
  • Budget Allocation across the broad heading and then under channels
  • Target segmenting (Target Grouping) and messaging for TGs
  • Team Allocations and business KPI mapping with Digital KPIs
  • Channel understanding – 12 channels will be covered
  • & Much more

Bonus – Special session and case studies on Digital Marketing for Real Estate

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