Evam Presents ”The LOL of the Things” in Hyderabad on January 6, 2018

Evam Presents ''The LOL of the Things'' in Hyderabad on January 6, 2018

Vivek Muralidharan

One is a comic who is light hearted, fun and conversational. The other is caught in methods. One has taken a whole year off from work as a break. The other works from home on weekends. Join Bhavneet and Vivek Muralidharan as they take you through a roller coaster ride of laughter in Lol of the Things Tour, where they speak about everything under the sun and take you ROFLing to the moon. Two of the best comedy talents in Hyderabad, the Lol of the Things Tour is the first showcase that they will be taking across to 5 cities – Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai and Hampi.

Don’t miss it!

This hilarious comedy is going to be a wonderful experience.

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