From: February 7, 2014
To: February 8, 2014
Venue:    Stone Water Eco Resort, Goa, India
Stone Water Eco Resort, Goa, India

The Goa Project 2014 - Unconference from February 7-8, 2014

A unique social gathering that brings dreamers across platforms together for an unconference and a romantic holiday… If you love what you do.

Think beautiful strangers, great minds and sun kissed bodies on the beaches of Goa. All you need is a little imagination. And a BIG dream. Watch it take flight. With a little help from your new friends.

The Plan

It’s a creative hybrid of workshops, teach-ins, and roundtables – tossed together with jam sessions, exhibitions, and show-and-tell. There are six tracks: Performing Arts & Music, Entrepreneurism, Film, Society, Visual Arts and Fringe. The agenda for these tracks is created by the attendees before and at the event through our crowdsourced funnel. Everyone who shows up is a potential speaker, and those who don’t speak contribute by posting photos, blog entries, podcasts, and video clips of the proceedings.

The Goa Project also builds intimate, personal conversations into the program. Throughout the day, you’ll naturally bond with others through euphoric tastings at the foodie event, inspiring insights at the film festival, and ridiculous dance moves at the after party. If you’re entrenched in amazing conversation when a session ends, take it to the beer and bonfire chats. Exhibitions and entertainment provide fuel to your fiery conversation, and create memories to mark your new friendships.

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