Hack2Build – Hackathon in Hyderabad from November 3-4, 2016

Hack2Build - Hackathon in Hyderabad from November 3-4, 2016

NASSCOM-ERNET CoE is conducting a Hackathon on Smart Cities / Smart Villages at the prestigious ICANN Conference on 3-4 November in Hyderabad.

There is probably no better time than now and country than India to launch a Hackathon that aligns with government’s three flagship initiatives of Make in India, Digital India and Skill India. There is all round push for hardware innovation and startups and the Young Turks seem to have taken up the challenge.

From smartwatches and fitness bands, humanoids to electric scooters, Indian hardware startups are on a roll like never before.

Hackathons, due to their community and participatory nature, open up exciting possibilities for co-creation. Having a peer group of tinkerers gives makers an atmosphere of fun, support and creative confidence.

For hardware entrepreneurs, it’s easy access to tools, technology and talent so they can prototype their ideas.
For problem solvers, it’s a space to exchange ideas with other like and unlike-minded folks who share your passion.
For hobbyists, it’s a place to explore, tinker and learn.

Hackathons can also provide richer educational experiences and extra-curricular support to students.

What are you waiting for? Its Hackathon time!

Website URL: http://hack2build.in

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