IGTI Conference 2016 in Tamil Nadu on September 18, 2016

IGTI Conference 2016 in Tamil Nadu on September 18, 2016https://i1.wp.com/i.fests.info/2016/09/IGTI-Conference-2016-in-Tamil-Nadu-on-September-18-2016.jpg?w=1540 1540w" sizes="(max-width: 770px) 100vw, 770px" />

ASME-VIT student chapter proudly presents the IGTI( International Gas Turbine Institute) CONFERENCE which is a one day international conference dedicated to supporting the international exchange and development of information to improve the design, application, manufacture, operation and maintenance, and environmental impact of all types of gas turbines, turbo machinery and related equipment.

The conference is meticulously divided into two sessions.

Session 1 will be a dynamic keynote session featuring prominent industry leaders from the leading companies in the industry to discuss in-depth career development, job opportunities, the services supported, and future in the field and global networking.

Session 2 will give you the unique opportunity to interact with experts in the gas turbine industry from IITs and IISC as well as find out the latest methods and cutting-edge technology that can improve how gas turbines operate.

The registration fee for the conference is Rs 300 /-


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