Kiko Christina’s Bachata Sensual India Tour in Pune on December 9, 2017

Kiko Christina’s Bachata Sensual India Tour in Pune on December 9, 2017

NJ Entertainment Presents,

KikoChirstina’s Bachata Sensual India Tour

KiKo & Christina are one of the very few artists who has taken Bachata Sensual to the next level. The focus of this boot camp will be more on the right techniques for isolations, partner work and styling to make each one comprehend the sensual moves and combinations.

Complimentary Sensual Bachata by Rocky at 1PM

Why Kiko & Christina are best?

Kiko and Christina are internationally recognized Bachata dance couple and teaching dance for last 10 years. They are known for their Bachata sensual dance style, teaching it worldwide for dance schools, festivals and congresses. Kiko and Christina are known for their strong techniques, ability able to explain movements, body control and techniques with essential details.

Why Bachata Sensual Moves are difficult to perform in the socials?

Lack of technique knowledge on basics of body movements like Waves, Rolls, Dips and Isolations
Highly depends on partners’ capability of following and leading waves, isolations, and head movement.
Most importantly, no universal language or no ground rules for body movements basics steps

Who should start with Bachata Sensual beginners/Improvers session?

You may be a very senior, or intermediate or just started to dance in multiple Latin dance forms, but if you are new to body movements like waves & Isolations
Basic knowledge on the techniques to perform body moves with your partner.
Basic knowledge on lead and follow to perform body moves
On top of this foundation you may go for the intermediate/ Advance session to learn variations and advance combinations by playing with musicality.

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