Nvision 2013 – Tech Fiesta in IIT Hyderabad from October 26-27, 2013


IIT Hyderabad,
Andhra Pradesh 502205

Start Date: October 26, 2013
End Date: October 27, 2013

Established in 2011, ηvision IIT Hyderabad has been a result of a continuous innovation, invention and passion. With broader scopes and bigger ideas, ηvision 2013 looks forward to explore ever widening horizons and reaching greater heights.
With a myriad of events spread among all domains. ηvision 2013 promises to be a platform which integrates technologies with challenging life problems. An event full of promise, ηvision 2013 shall be a journey more exciting and enthralling than any other to bring out the real geek in any techie.

Nvision 2013 - Tech Fiesta in IIT Hyderabad from October 26-27, 2013


Torque – Drift King, CAD Craft, Dyadic Rush, Skethc and CLAYPlay, Mine Strife
Cepheid – Aquate, nvision, Quiz, Astro Jumbler, Celestial Iquisition
Robotics – Robo Soccer, Robo war, Arcade Run
Infero – Code a bot, Online Quiz, Proquest, API, Algorithm writing
Endeavour – Quiz, Sketch the future, junkyard war, Project X
Kludge – Got Root, Hack a Maze
Informals – King of the ring, Treasure Hunt, Rubik’s Cube, Cryptex
Elektronica – Circuit Design, Electronic Bloopers, DTMF Controlled Car Race


Ankush Bansal – +91-9494424970
Utkarsh Saxena – +91-8985870515
Deepika Banpuram – +91-9959126211

Website URL: http://nvision.iith.ac.in/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/nvision.IIThyderabad
Email: nvision@iith.ac.in
Brochure: http://nvision.iith.ac.in/brochure/nvision.pdf

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