Yantra 2K12 – Cultural & Tech Fest in Pulivendula on December 21-22, 2012

Venue :

JNTUA College Of Engineering,
Andhra Pradesh

Start Date : December 21, 2012
End Date : December 22, 2012

The pioneer of technology – The mechanical Engineer’s endeavour proved again through YANTRA. ‘Man made by Mechanisms – world ruled by Mechanicals’ is the tag line of the YANTRA. Yeah, the man is made up of many mechanisms. Can you imagine life without proper mechanisms? And similarly can you imagine life from ancient man to modern man without the involvement of mechanical engineering? Of course not. To this ancient art of engineering many significant changes took place. To know the latest technological developments, it is necessary to build a platform for exchange of knowledge. One such platform is a National level symposium, YANTRA. YANTRA 12 is inviting all budding engineers to share their knowledge and explore the possibilities of understanding the contemporary technical advancements.

Yantra 2K12 - Cultural & Tech Fest in Pulivendula on December 21-22, 2012

The Mechanical Engineering department conducts various student co-circular activities such as student symposiums, workshops, industrial visits, and technical tours. A student chapter of the INSTITUTION OF ENGINEERS (INDIA) [code 516], and Mechanical Engineering Student Association (MESA) are started. The department took academic membership from NAFEMS, an international association for the engineering analysis community.

Events :

Paper presentations
Poster presentations
Designing competition
Group task
Quiz competition
Problem statements
Engineers without borders competition and many more events and spot events…!

Facebook Page : http://www.facebook.com/Yantra2k12

Website URL : http://jntuacep-mech.com/ 

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