India Bike Week 2017 in Goa from November 24-25, 2017

India Bike Week 2017 in Goa from November 24-25, 2017


It’s the biggest biker rave in Asia, and on the 24th and 25th of November 2017, over 20,000 bikers from all India will roar down to Goa to celebrate a week of riding, brotherhood, bikes, music and motoring heaven.

It is the Iconic 5th Year of India Bike Week, Asia’s most incredible Biker Festival. Here’s your chance to join the Great Migration, and party with the best, the toughest, the most adventurous men and women of your generation as they ride down from every corner of this great country. It is that one week in the year when we dust off our gear, rev up our machines and go wild!

For 2 days in November India Bike Week will be the home of world biking. With the greatest names in Bike Design and Manufacture, the rarest Biker and accessory shopping, music, barbecues, bikini bike wash, beer gardens, training academies, track racing and much, much more, IBW is 10 acres of Biker Paradise.

IBW 2017 Highlights

We’ve left no stone un-turned to celebrate this 5th Year of India Bike Week in 2017, and for six months we’ve been developing the competitions, the legend showcase, the line-up, even the mod bike displays.

The greatest names in two-wheeler design will strut their stuff at the Mod Bike Displays and Biker Build Off competitions. And to top it all, the world’s fastest woman on Two Wheels – the incredible Leslie Porter will grace us with her raw power.

India Bike Week will welcome over 280 Biking Clubs from all over India into the IBW family and cheer them into the Festival as they parade in with their bike colours. A Flat Track for Racing and an Enduro Track for training is being built too to add to the adventure.

What’s massive for India this year? We’re creating an all new ‘Innovation Class’ of India-built biking tech where three heroes of India Biking will be selected to celebrate IBW’s prestigious ‘Honour Roll’. And on the other side we’ll have the legends of long distance, transnational Bike Trips presenting IBW’s Film Festival.

Not only that, some of the world’s best biking and accessory brands have been invited to showcase their world class gear in our all new Biker Mart and Expo. Live Music, Food Festival, the great IBW Strong Man & Women of Biking Championships, the Mega Moto VLogger Meet Up, are just some of the many ridiculously cool things set up to pump up the adrenaline at this Iconic 5th year celebration of India Bike Week.


It’s for two days. Why is it called a week?

The festival at Goa is for two days. The celebrations, however, start almost a week before that which includes the rides and the filming of the journeys of our riders en route the venue. We aren’t yet counting the after-effects and the waves of nostalgia you’ll experience post-festival.

Do I need to own a bike?

Not necessarily. You need to be curious about travel, and bikes – and you’re welcome to IBW.

How much do the tickets cost?

The season ticket to India Bike Week 2017 is for Rs.1750 for both days. (Only applicable for online sale).

Are spot tickets available?

Yes. But the ticket price will be increased. So book soon!

I’m a student; can I get into the festival?

No age restrictions on entry.

Can scooter riders join the rides?

If you’re certain that your scooter can handle the ride, come away.

Is there any special package which involves accommodation?

No. Goa is going to turn into a motoring heaven in November as bikers from across India will ride down. So, book your stay ASAP so you get the best accommodation in your budget. Watch out for special deals with select hospitality brands on our social media.

Do I get to ride the superbikes?

Yes, we have a test rides for superbikes available this year, but the decision/permission solely depends on the company that is displaying these bikes.

Are children under 18 allowed at the festival, under parental supervision?

Yes. It’d be great to start them early on something we love so much. Next: World domination! (Seriously, as long as you know you can handle the child and the awesomeness of IBW, the little one’s welcome. Kids under 12 can enter free.)

Is there something more than bikes happening at IBW?

We have three zones – The Arena, Bike Builders’ Collective and The Big Trip. Between these there are plenty of bike- and non-bike related mini-events scheduled. Music included. Hold on for the epic line-up!

Where do I register for contests & other events at the Festival?

Registrations open soon on the IBW website. Keep checking!


The ‘India Bike Week 2017’ Event is being organized solely by Orangefish Entertainment Private Limited (also known as 70 EMG). NGC Network (India) Private Limited has no connection of any kind with ‘India Bike Week 2017’ in any capacity whatsoever. The Memorandum of Understanding dated October 16, 2012, as amended, between Orangefish Entertainment Private Limited and NGC Network (India) Private Limited concerning holding ‘India Bike Week’ Events stands terminated with effect from September 9, 2017.

IBW 2017 | India’s Biggest Bike Rave is Back!