AI & IoT India 2019

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has hailed AI as the new hope for all Indians, as it can solve problems, and increase productivity. NITI Aayog, the nation’s think-tank and premier policy-making body, has already been emphasising the role that disruptive technologies such as AI, digital manufacturing, robotics, Quantum communication and Big Data intelligence, Blockchain, Machine Learning and Internet of Things will play in the development of the economy. IoT market in India is currently growing & reach USD 15 Billion by the year 2020 will grow to USD 75 Billion by the year 2025. IoT growth is currently driven by industrial automation, primarily in sectors like Telecom, healthcare, housing, agriculture and engineering, however, the Consumer IoT market is slowly evolving with increasing awareness among people. With smart cities, smart homes, smart infrastructure, smart wearable devices, autonomous and connected vehicles, etc., consumers are witnessing an Internet beyond desktops and mobile devices.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) also holds a potential to add US$ 957 billion to the Indian economy by changing the nature of work to create better outcomes for businesses and society. Thereby increasing its yearly growth rate of Gross Value Added (GVA) by 1.3 percentage points, and also boosting the nation’s income by 15 percent in 2035.The bottom line of this mission is to penetrate the government services at all levels within the country and making them available to their citizens, who are the key user of the society. The integration of blockchain in governance would result in quicker operational response as well as decision making. The range of application for AI techniques in such large-scale public endeavours could range from crop insurance schemes, tax fraud detection, and detecting subsidy leakage and defence and security strategy.

AI & IOT India 2019 shall highlight innovative advancements in technologies, have key addresses, panel discussions, dedicated tracks covering the entire Internet of Things ecosystem including Smart Energy & Cities, Developing for the IoT, Connected Industry, Connected Enterprise, Connected Transportation, Data Analytics, Robotics, Blockchain for AI & IoT, Privacy & Security and IoT Innovations & Technologies.