Anthill Inside 2019 – Conference on AI & Deep Learning

The schedule for the 2019 edition is published here:

The conference has three tracks:

Talks in the main conference hall track
Poster sessions featuring novel ideas and projects in the poster session track
Birds of Feather (BOF) sessions for practitioners who want to use the Anthill Inside forum to discuss:
- Myths and realities of labelling datasets for Deep Learning.
- Practical experience with using Knowledge Graphs for different use cases.
- Interpretability and its application in different contexts; challenges with GDPR and intepreting datasets.
- Pros and cons of using custom and open source tooling for AI/DL/ML.

Who should attend Anthill Inside:

Anthill Inside is a platform for:

Data scientists
AI, DL and ML engineers
Cloud providers
Companies which make tooling for AI, ML and Deep Learning
Companies working with NLP and Computer Vision who want to share their work and learnings with the community

For inquiries about tickets and sponsorships, call Anthill Inside on 7676332020 or write to [email protected]