Content Marketing Summit Asia 2016 in Mumbai on September 23, 2016

Content Marketing Summit Asia 2016 in Mumbai on September 23, 2016

Content Marketing SummitTM, as the name suggests, is a premier event where some of the greatest minds, savvy brands, renowned publishers, innovative technology enablers and leading practitioners from across the world come together to explore the exciting world of content marketing.

While the discipline itself isn’t anything new, the rapid expansion of digital media and the growing clout of social media have altered Content Marketing in unexpected ways. This metamorphosis presents exciting new opportunities for brands, publishers, agency partners and independent creators alike.


What is content marketing and why is it important to your business
What is the current content marketing landscape globally
What tools & platforms are available to brands, publishers and content creators
What brands are making the best use of content marketing and how
What does it take to plan & implement a highly effective content marketing strategy
What are the global best practices in content marketing
What is real-time content marketing and who is doing it successfully
What is the impact of content marketing on eCommerce and B2B businesses
What is Big Data and how can it be leveraged with content marketing
What are the various models to monetize your content in the digital world


How can content marketing help you succeed on search engines
How to prepare a content marketing strategy & implement it
How to measure the effectiveness of any content marketing initiative
How Asia presents unique challenges & opportunities in content marketing
How to forge partnerships with publishers & creators for content marketing success
How to manage content creation, curation and distribution online
How to integrate print campaigns with mobile and web for greater efficiency
How to create an actionable content marketing plan, which can be measured
How content can make your social media strategy work like never before
How social listening tools can help you plan & optimize your content strategy

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