2018 – Developers Conference in Bangalore 2018 - Developers Conference in Bangalore 2018 is the second annual Developers’ Conference to be organised by Red Hat in Bengaluru, India. It is meant to provide a platform to the local FOSS community participants to come together and engage in the knowledge sharing through technical talks, workshops, panel discussions, hackathon and such activities.

You should consider attending this event if you are:

A developer
A technology architect
An IT consultant
An IT student or a teacher from an IT university/faculty
Or simply an IT enthusiast interested in the latest trends in open source and emerging digital technologies
DevConf events are free, without admission or ticket charge. On-line registration is required though.

Talks, presentations, workshops (etc) will all be in English.

The primary event themes this year are:

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Cryptography / Block Chain
Networking / Security Technologies / Research
Automation / Configuration Management/ Infrastructure
Cloud / Containers / DevOps
Community building / Diversity
Database / Storage
Developer tools / Debugging / Tracing
Design / UX
Hardware / Kernel / OS / Platform
IoT / Mobile
QA Testing, Performance Optimization, Web Workload
Serverless computing
Customer-Use cases
Messaging queues

Important dates:

Registration opens: June 11, 2018
Event dates: Saturday, August 4 to Sunday, August 5, 2018