DomainX 2016 Conference in New Delhi from August 5-7, 2016

DomainX 2016 Conference in New Delhi from August 5-7, 2016

DomainX™ 2016 Networking & Conference: Be part of the conference and networking that will occur at this industry-leading event for the 3rd time in India.

Since inception in 2014, DomainX™ has been the 1st dedicated domain name conference to discover, network, bring awareness and educate general public about the industry in India.

At DomainX™, there will be an opportunity to develop, share and innovate through networking with other experienced professionals who are in the domain name business. DNOAi™ (Domain Name Owners Association of India™), being the pioneers in India, look forward to bridge the gap and bring in mass opportunities between domain name industry, startup sector, online advertising, affiliate marketing, social media and more with the help of DomainX™ 2016 Conference.

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With over dozen International and National industry leading experts to participate as speakers, DomainX™ 2016 Conference is going to be a history repeating event for the Indian domain name industry. A quick look at expected participants and speaker lineup:

Bill Karamouzis ( & from Canada)
Frank Schilling ( from Cayman Islands)
Ron Jackson ( from United States)
Deepak Daftari ( from India)
Dave Evanson ( from Germany)
Jon Yau ( from Australia)
Zak Muscovitch ( from Canada)
Rodney D. Ryder ( from India)
Edmon Chung (Dot.Asia from Hong Kong)
Ned O’Meara ( from Australia)
Martijn Schneider ( from Netherlands)
Ali ( from United States)
Shane Bellone ( from United States)
Abdul Basit Makrani ( from Pakistan)
Gurpreet Singh Monga (Amarjit & Associates from United States & India)
Ankur Raheja ( from India)
Manmeet Pal Singh ( from India) Team & Team
More to be added in due time…

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