Entrepreneurship Summit 2014 – IIT Bombay from February 1-2, 2014

Entrepreneurship Summit 2014 - IIT Bombay from February 1-2, 2014

Anything remarkable that has ever been created, has emerged from a dream of someone who made it a point to pursue it relentlessly, undaunted by the hurdles that life brought before him. Be it a dorm room or a garage, ideas and dreams- coupled with hard work and determination- have always created the much needed dent in the universe. These were the crazy ones who were rebuked, vilified, made fun of- anything but ignored. And why you ask? They had realized how powerful their dreams were, and this discovery made them realize that in order to create a better world, it was crucial to leave behind the old school thought. They brought with them a new approach, and thus heralded a new epoch in the history of mankind, an era bent on shattering the status quo, an age whose aim was to disrupt the age old ways, and make way for the novel. Keeping in mind these three most defining moments in the journey of bringing forth change, we have based the theme of The Entrepreneurship Summit 2014 as “ Dream, Discover, Disrupt”.

The Entrepreneurship Summit is a confluence of visionary students, professionals or anybody who wishes to be one of those crazy rebels who will change the world, start his own business or fund a business and become a trend-setter.

E-Summit is a unique initiative in India that:

• Facilitates the interaction between students, industry experts, business leaders, investors and entrepreneurs who share the common zeal for being out of the league
• Showcases the global trends in entrepreneurship, and how the Indian ecosystem is keeping pace with these trends
• Serves as a one stop destination to learn as well apply the skills needed to be an entrepreneur
• Provides a meet-up point for the youth to interact with their role models and learn from their experiences
• Acts a catalyst in introducing students into the world of entrepreneurship by providing them the opportunity learn about it by a myriad of ways which include competitions, panel discussions, workshops.

Website URL: http://www.ecell.in/esummit/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ecell.in