I am a Lady – Conference in Hyderabad on March 8, 2014

I am a Lady - Conference in Hyderabad on March 8, 2014

I am a Lady….The initiative aims at enhancing the International Women’s Day 2014 theme of Inspiring Change for women. As per this initiative every quarter (4 quarters in a year) Apollo and YTPL will finalize and choose 5 women achievers and showcase their achievement to the world with the intention of promoting and supporting women in various fields. The categories from which women can apply for this initiative every quarter are :

1) Professional Achievers
2) Art & Creativity
3) Health / Nutrition / Wellness / Medical
4) Entrepreneurship

Professional Achievement : Women from corporate entities fall into this category, based on selection, we will give them a platform to showcase their journey to excellence to motive and encourage other women.

Art and Creativity : Women recommended for this category will be given a platform to showcase their creative achievements on our network. This will give them huge impetus and visibility to showcase their talent to the world.

Health / Nutrition / Medical / Fitness : Women from this category will be supported and encouraged to share their knowledge and expertise with the world. Special emphasis to be given on how women can improve their life style and daily routine taking the que from shortlisted candidates.

Entrepreneurship : Women from this category will be given an opportunity to showcase their entrepreneurial pursuit. Connecting these women with SME professionals in their particular field will support them in their pursuit.

Schedule :

1) 09:30 AM | Zumba fitness for Women and kids
2) 10:40 AM | Program Credits and launch of I a m a Lady by Ms Sangitha Reddy ED Apollo Hospitals and FICCI
3) 11:15 AM | Panel Discussion focusing on Women’s Health
4) 12:15 PM | Phoenix Foundation : Women against Alcohol abuse
Gynec – Dr.Rooma Sinha
Gastro- Dr.Asha Subbalakshmi
Cosmetic – Dr.Pallavi Reddy
Cancer – Dr.Vinitha Reddy
5) 12:30 PM | Health Food & Nourishment in daily life
6) Photography & Art Exhibition (Parallel from 9:30 am )
7) 03:00 PM | World Wide Google Hangout for Women (India / Asia / Africa) by team of Apollo Doctors.

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