India CSR Summit and Exhibition 2017 in Gurugram from September 18-19, 2017

India CSR Summit and Exhibition 2017 in Gurugram from September 18-19, 2017

Since the Companies Act 2013 got incorporated on 1st April 2014, a lot has changed in business and social development ecosystem in India. CSR has evolved from mere philanthropic and photo-based activities to more systematic, strategic and thoughtful endeavours towards solving developmental challenges.

After three years of compliance regime of CSR, we see a lot of energy, enthusiasm and moreover a willingness to go beyond the boundaries towards CSR projects. We see emergence of new breed of Impact leaders and thoughtful initiators who are not only challenging the traditional way of development interventions but also building capacities of their peers and partners at technology, project management and impact measurements fronts.

In past three we have seen passionate board members, enthusiastic CSR leaders and go-getter project executives both from the business and implementing partners’ sides. We have seen single organization led projects to multi-stakeholder driven projects and the experience of these focused approach and partnerships infuse a proud feeling of ímpact at the core’of CSR. From Nandghar of Vedanta to Dharti ko Arpan of Tata Chemicals, eLaj of Biocon Foundation to Mei Pragati of CRISIL Foundation, many such projects of small to large scale have changed the way we looked at the grassroot development for decades. These projects are not mere beneciary-driven interventions but they are gradually producing derivative impacts on communities for long term benets. The newer forms of partnerships where both business executives and NGO leaders sit together and discuss about communities, engage with local administration and government agencies; are the real scenarios that were underlined by the manadatory CSR.

This is just the beginning and there is a lot that can be explored, materialised and impacted through the CSR partnerships among dierent players, be it a CSR foundation, an NGO, a social enterprise or a government agency.

The Next Level
A lot is being done, and a lot more has to be done. It is essential for all of us to assess the journey so far and come up with more concrete understandings on which we can further build our approaches and strategies. Businesses and NGOs need to go beyond identication of partners to leveraging best out of each other. Understanding and aligning interests is crucial for partnerships. Transparency needs to be practiced and a co-learning environment needs to be developed. Availability and access of data and information can be made through cross platform sharing. Other than partnerships; employee volunteering also provides manpower and expertise. Ways of improving employee engagement has to be explored. There are several such important issues that need to be realised so as to make more impactful CSR investment. Businesses want to make an impact that would be noticed and talked about for decades. But deploying boardroom strategies on ground can only be achieved through rigorous attempts to understand and guring out solutions for all the setbacks and by setting long term CSR goals. At India CSR Summit & Exhibition 2017, we provide a much needed discussion, learning and co-learning platform for businesses, NGOs, social enterprises, advisory rms and government agencies. We are here to augment discussions on best practices, exchange of workable ideas, discovering impact driven solutions, building capacities and strengthening network.

About the Event

We, at NGOBOX, have been bringing out annual India CSR Outlook Report and State-wise report series on how CSR projects are distributed in various thematic areas and geographies. We have been hosting Índia CSR Summit & Exhibition’ for past three years, bringing CSR heads/managers, NGO leaders, government agencies, advisory rms and social businesses together to discuss challenges, learn from failures and scale up successful interventions.

The recent event in September 2016 in Mumbai was a landmark forum in this context, where we brought together 850 organizations and 1250+ delegates, 140 CSR heads and 75 exhibitors. Having partners like Google for Nonprots, CAF India, Room To Read, Tata Strategic Group, Macmillan Education, NSDC, NGHM, PNB Housing Finance, Mahiti, Sunking, Water for People etc helped us a lot to make the event a great success. Exhibitors like End AIDS India, Voltas Water, SGS, Envirot, KHPT, STEM Learning, Fight Hunger Foundation, Isha Foundation, Green India, SPJIMR, Auroville Consulting etc added more value to the event.

Highlights of 2017 Event

  • The Biggest ever CSR event of India
  • India CSR Outlook Report 2017
  • 150 Speakers/Panelists/Master-Trainers
  • 20+ New products demo – 5+ Master Classes
  • 5+ Thematic Consultations
  • 2 Special CSR Whiteboard Sessions for CSR Heads & CSR Managers
  • 6 CSR Talks (TED Talk Style)
  • Non-Prot leadership and CSR Heads Interaction (By invitation)
  • CSR and Social Enterprise convergence
  • 4th CSR Impact Awards
  • Open space technology sessions
  • Thematic exhibition platforms
  • 35000 sq ft carpet area
  • 8000 sq ft networking area
  • Private meeting/B2B discussion rooms
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