India Leadership Forum 2015 in Mumbai from February 11-13, 2015

India Leadership Forum 2015 in Mumbai from February 11-13, 2015

We live in an exciting time for digital and technological advancements. In many ways, we are already light years ahead of anything anyone could imagine. It’s that fact that makes looking to the future even more exciting to figure out what might be ahead.

New digital technologies and services are increasingly pervasive as mobile devices and internet are adopted at a staggering pace around the world; and everything – from our cars and thermostats to our medical records and kitchen appliances are already connected to the Internet.

It is with this seeding thought that we have chosen ‘The World in 2020: Building the Digital Future’ as the overall theme for this year’s forum. The NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2015 will examine tomorrow’s digital technologies and assess their global impact on both business and society.

The three day forum will bring together leaders from several organizations from across the world to look at what is in store for the future, what could 2020 look like, the different forces at play that are defining the choices they make in how they shape their organizations and how they plan to unlock the potential to create a digital future.

The future has many a surprise in store, from the ‘Internet of Things’ – the hyper connected network that’s being built everyday by the increasing number of objects and tools that are connected to the Internet – to disappearing interfaces where device related innovations ensure that the way we think about computing will never be the same. It also has a promise of a ‘Digital’ India and we NILF 2015 will take a ‘Selfie’ of India in 2020 today.

The NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2015 will provide an opportunity for leaders to collaborate and shape the global agenda by exploring new models, innovate the most sought-after solutions in and around digital age. The forum would generate powerful ideas and collaborative spirit required to manage the future course of action and align stakeholders around that vision.

Participants can expect:

  • A journey in the digital future of enterprises and the society as a whole
  • Global thought leaders and industry stalwarts discussing the impact of digital on their respective sectors
  • Expert view on the rapid transition of cities to smart cities
  • Meaningful dialogues between CXOs and service providers
  • MasterClasses on digital enterprise strategy and leadership
  • Unconference sessions and pre scheduled one-to-one networking
  • Idea incubators for in-depth and output-driven discussions
  • Experience Digital thought live innovations and demo
  • Participation from over 30 countries
  • Social events to mix business with pleasure

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