Indian Restaurant Awards 2022

Restaurant Awards 2022 is the top honour bestowed upon the greatest in the industry who have tirelessly dedicated their lives walking an extra mile to raise the bar of the Food & Beverage Sector. The awards will go to various regions of the country physically, to honor and applaud the great work done by foodpreneurs and chefs around the country. This is a precious opportunity to excel your food & beverage business and hear the elevating tunes of applause by the whole fraternity. These awards will put spotlight on exemplary contributions made by profound professionals and passionate restaurant brands. This recognition will enhance your business credibility and would help in restructuring your brand image. Submissions are now open for Restaurant Awards 2022, browse through the appropriate category and mail at [email protected] or call on +91 9110586199.

This is the only event in the country where recognition & Felicitation within the restaurant industry takes place on this large scale.

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