Josh Talks 2016 – LEAP Conference in New Delhi from October 22-23, 2016

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Join us for the Josh Talks 2016 conference where we will discuss remarkable ideas and hear stories of people who are changing the world. From technology to science, conservation, politics, sports and the arts, over 2 days we will showcase 24 thought provoking talks delivered by speakers from varied fields.

Come and get an insight into some of the remarkable outcomes brought about by a combination of fresh ideas, optimism, and tireless creative energy. Here are a few issues that will come alive during the weekend:

  • How an Indian mission to the Mars has become a hallmark for success and economy in space exploration
  • What it takes to carry the weight of the Indian Olympic dream (from a current Olympian)
  • The 3 Idiots story for real: how the effort of an inventor and educator is transforming the landscape in India’s snow desert
  • How vision, direction, and constructive action is transforming a neglected public sector giant (Indian Railways) into an efficient, modern enterprise

These, and 20 other journeys, will come alive during the weekend. You will find out about the ideas and people driving our country forward. With that you will take back thoughts and anecdotes to chew on. Network and build new relationships.

The gates to our year’s BIG weekend are now open – come be a part.

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