MIPCON – Conference & Exposition in Hyderabad from September 8-9, 2016

MIPCON - Conference & Exposition in Hyderabad from September 8-9, 2016

We are now living a world which is globalized and extremely interconnected. It is because of globalization that Products and Services can be accessed from any part of the world by single click of mouse. It gives an immense opportunities for companies to reach & market anywhere in the world. However, it also comes up with some risk; the risks of being imitated in other markets. The risk is getting bigger and bigger. This provokes companies to keep innovating. Intellectual Property (IP) is acting as a primary source of value added growth and earning power for the business. The company’s competitive advantage therefore lies largely in its capacity to manage these strategic IP resources.

With significant changes taking place in global IP environment – whether through legislation, court decisions or heightened regulatory scrutiny – IP stakeholders face significant challenges. For those who can rise to them, there are many exciting opportunities ahead. But for those who fail to grasp the full implications of recent developments, the future could be bleak. Therefore, it is of extreme importance for an organization to develop multi-pronged strategies to promote and nurture innovation, protection of inventions through various IPR tools and commercialization of IPs.

The seventh edition of event IPEX, which has now been rebranded as MIPCON offers a range of perspectives on the opportunities, the hallenges, and the role of IP in the rapidly evolving marketplace.

Conference Highlights

– Annual Event: 7th Edition; only major IP Conference in Hyderabad
– 250+ Key Participants
– 9 Sessions
– 10+ Exhibitors
– 25+ IP Experts addressing the Conference
– Excellent networking opportunities to connect with companies in AP & Telangana

Website URL: http://www.mipcon.in/