Nano Supensions 2012 – Conference On Manufacturing Nanomedicines on August 21-22, 2012

Nano Supensions 2012 – Conference On Manufacturing Nanomedicines

Start Date : 21-Aug-12
End Date : 22-Aug-12
Time : 9:00am

Venue :

Fortune Select Manohar –
Airport Exit Road, Begumpet, Hyderabad • Telephone: 27903333
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Designing and creating an stable nano particle, sterilisation, scalability and regulatory clearances for commercialisation of nanomedicines are big challenge areas for generic and biopharma companies.

Nano Suspensions India 2012

Key issues covered in the conference are:

  • Overview of nanomedicines globally and what will be your ROI in future years
  • Case studies on documentation, regulations and quality considerations when nanomedicines are exported
  • Effective sterilisation techniques for nanocarriers
  • Nanomedicine diagnostic and therapeutic advances
  • Best stabilisation techniques for nanoparticles
  • Innovative marketing and commercialisation strategies when promoting your products

Organizer Details : +91-22-40461466

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