TEDxIITDhanbad on October 8, 2017

TEDxIITDhanbad on October 8, 2017

Striving each moment to evolve into an event that is even more adept in spreading powerful ideas through minds.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED(TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading) has created a program called TEDx. It is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. Our event is called TEDxIITDhanbad, where x=independently organized TED event. At our event, TEDTalks video and live speakers will combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a group.

TEDxIITDhanbad is conducted by an exclusive team of undergraduates from IIT(ISM) Dhanbad Campus. With a diversity of fields like marketing, publicity and research, the team is committed to its mission of bringing forward ideas worth sharing.

TEDxIITDhanbad is a non-profit independent TEDx community devised to foster lateral thinking and revere inspirational creativity. After organizing a host of various detached events over the years , we realized that in order to change the intellectual landscape of our academic epicentre, a continual effort in the right direction was required. After fervent attempts and vigorous endeavours of procuring the license and curating a vivacious team of deft individuals, we formed TEDxIITDhanbad, with an underlying principle of inspiring the society by challenging the prosaic human perception at it’s roots. We aim to promote offbeat reasoning of unorthodox doctrines and spark protean conversations in the society through our diverse mix of speakers. Join us as we host our maiden TEDx event, the “Devil’s advocate” edition

The TED philosophy, consists of one sentence, “it’s about simplified, authentic storytelling.” Which seems to fit well with its mission of, “ideas worth spreading”. Combine both with a remarkable TEDx organizer and speaker and you get the 18 minute presentation equivalent of a Hollywood blockbuster.

TEDx is a powerful event because its organizers don’t do it for the money or the fame – for which there is neither. They do it to make a difference. And people that do things out of passion, do them better.


Abhishek Sagar


Coaching institutes for competitive exams have boomed into an industry themselves. But, seldom are all aspirants provided equal opportunities to prove themselves. With a just cause of leveling the playing field , Mr. Abhishek Sagar co-founded testbook.com, an online preparation course engine. Initially starting out as a channel for GATE preparation, IIT-Delhi alumnus Mr.Sagar ensured that testbook adapted quickly and expanded to cater to those preparing for railway and bank exams as well. As the the Head of the Technical Team, he pioneered the efforts of creating an app for the same after realizing that not every aspirant has a laptop, but is most likely to possess a smartphone. Now handling the 22 lakh registered users alongside many others who’ve availed the current affairs app provided by Testbook.com, we’re proud to present Mr.Abhishek Sagar as a speaker at TEDxIITDhanbad this year.

Mithaq Kazimi

Media Expert

It is said that true advancement of the society lies in the inter-disciplinary pursuit of development. And who better to talk about such multitude than Mr.Mithaq Kazimi, an all-rounder producer and director who founded an International film festival, besides distributing and directing some of the most iconic films and documetarites the world has ever seen. The list doesn’t end there, as he also happens to be one of the founding members of an asian news network and an accelerator-backed tech company. Join us as we play host to this diverse juggernaut as he gives out his truly resplendent talk at TEDxIITDhanbad.

Rabi Bastia


Rabi Narayan Bastia was born on 2 October 1958 in the Indian state of Orissa .After pursuing his discipline of choice for 9 years from various top notch universities, he started his career with ONGC in 1980 and later on joined RIL in 1996. He led the RIL exploration team at Krishna Godavari Basin and discovered the KG-D6 field in 2002 , reportedly the biggest oil find worldwide in that year. He is the president of E&P business at OilMax Energy , a Pune-based project management consultants in the energy sector, concurrently serving Asian Oilfield Services as a non-executive independent director and Hibiscus Petroleum Bernhad , Malaysia as a director till 2014. Given his vast experience, we certainly believe that Mr. Bastia would be one of those speakers who would be captivating the listeners as he encourages them to think laterally and throws deep insights on various topics and out of the box ideas.

Scribbled Stories

Literary Enthusiasts

An Indian works for an average of 8.1 hours every day. This coupled with the social and economic responsibilities that one has to handle leaves very little for the pursuit of productive leisure. On the flip side, there exist a plethora of college students plagued by boredom, who scribble away ingenious thoughts on the back of their notebooks. As an initiative of unifying these polar opposites, scribbled stories has pioneered the advent of micro fiction in India. Starting out as a common endeavour, few intellectual people had to expand eventually after receiving a overwhelming number of entries requesting to be published. All this when scribbles stories was just a personal blog! Join us and scribbled stories, now averaging 1.6 million followers on their facebook page alone, as we host their first talk at IIT Dhanbad this September.

Shravan Krishnan

Social Worker

Sure, everyone can follow their passions when they align with the society’s interests or when the time is ripe, but that is seldom the case. What if we told you that there exists a person whose passion has led him to take up one simple job- saving lives. As far-fetched as it may sound, all Mr.Shravan Krishnan does on a daily basis is go to the rescue of tens of animals each day, using the money he gets from his exclusive hotel for dogs in chennai to fuel his endeavours. His hobbies, you ask? Simple, much like any cliched superman, when he’s not out saving lives, he dons the persona of Clark Kent and writes articles for The Week, advocating against the atrocities caused against animals. And now, Mr.Krishnan is out to give his maiden TEDx talk at IITDhanbad.

Zeishan Quadri


Funny how we speak of art as an abstract entity but try to define it in every possible way…. and every now and then, there comes along one revolutionary who expresses his art in a raw, unexpurgated form. His words, resonant, relatable and unrestricted. We are talking about none other than Mr.Zeishan Quadri, the boy from Jharkhand who poured his heart out as he wrote down chart-busting dialogues for the gangs of Wasseypur series. From being a boy with no particular goal, he went in to star as an actor and a writer in iconic Bollywood movies and has finally debuted as a director as well. Join us at TEDxIITDhanbad, as this art prodigy talks about his upcoming projects and the inspiration behind his art.

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