TEDxBhilwara in Rajasthan on July 6, 2014

TEDxBhilwara in Rajasthan on July 6, 2014

TEDxBhilwara shares the same passion as TED. This unique initiative is undertaken to spread your ideas all across the globe. Our objective is to reach out and inspire people with “Ideas Worth Sharing” which has the potential to help people make a strong difference in their lives. We also aim to allow people to come together, make connections and share knowledge.
We have initiated this because we believe, everybody has got his/her story to tell and the beautiful part is, each one is different from the other.

Another objective of bringing this platform in city Bhilwara is to open the minds of Bhilwara people to broader perspectives of world and their surroundings. We do not want to change their perception completely but let them constantly learn about new ideas and perspectives.

This would help in city’s growth as well and give a different identity to city Bhilwara because the initiative is a unique one with a purpose of spreading knowledge from local community. Through this TEDx event, we aim to help young people step towards building a local community to work collaboratively with active members of society in order to become expert learners and foster
enriching conversations of changing tomorrow.


Harsh Agarwal – harsh@tedxbhilwara.com – +91-9783146656
Sudhanshu Kumar Chandra – sudhanshu@tedxbhilwara.com

Website URL: http://www.tedxbhilwara.com/
Register Now: https://docs.google.com/a/tedxbhilwara.com/forms/d/1uEZ9mpM7uyx-qnllR4EgAfFm7F0CYnQNlbzIGkxdBpM/viewform

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