TiE Global Summit 2016 in New Delhi from December 16-17, 2016

TiE Global Summit 2016 in New Delhi from December 16-17, 2016
TiE Global Summit is the first-ever global conference of the original entrepreneurial organization that was seeded in Silicon Valley in 1992. TiE has hosted scores of entrepreneurship conferences via its 62 chapter across the globe. We are proud to be listed by Worth Magazine as one of the top 10 conferences for ideas and entrepreneurship along with TED and the World Economic Forum.

TiE Global Summit is here!

Where are you?

The conference will be one of the largest gatherings of entrepreneurial talent in the world. This 2-day conclave brings together the brightest entrepreneurs, change-makers, and experts under one roof to discuss critical topics in an invigorating manner. On 16/17th December Taj Palace, New Delhi will be buzzing with energy.

This Summit, in partnership with the leading agencies of the Government of India, 20+ TiE chapters from India, US, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and Dubai, and global venture capital funds will be the largest such conference for entrepreneurs anywhere in the world.

So What’s in it for You?

As the TiE Global Summit ignites and inspires and it also highlights opportunities for entrepreneurs. You can network, get mentored, compete for angel funding, talk one-on-one with venture capitalists, and more. This is an opportunity to make meaningful connections with clients, mentors, investors and partners.

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