Clash of Titans 2015 – Online Contest by MyDreamStore

Clash of Titans 2015 - Online Contest by MyDreamStore

Clash of Titans 2015 is a fun, cool launch-pad to enter the online marketplace and make money while you also gather real-time experience.

All you’ve to do is create & sell cool t-shirts on Along with the profits you make by selling the tees, you will also be eligible to win the grand cash prize of INR 1,00,000 for selling maximum number of t-shirts from April 4th to April 26th.

Don’t waste another minute. Create a T-shirt in our design studio and start campaigning!

You can campaign for your Hobby clubs, Fan Groups, Music Bands, Social Media Pages, NGOs, College Fests, & Student groups and many others!


You must sign up with the email associated with your account
Create one or more original campaigns
Campaigns must be launched anytime after April 4th and the campaigns must end before April 26th
All your campaigns must exist under one registered email


There are no limits to how many campaigns you can create as long as they exist under one email
Purchasing orders from your own campaign will result in disqualification
Maximum of one prize allotted per mydreamstore user
Orders from buyers that are cancelled will be deducted from total units sold.
By entering the contest, you agree to allow to publicly disclose your identity, and how many products were sold as part of the results announcements in reserves the right to disqualify entrants for inappropriate behaviour that goes against the spirit of the contest
If you have any questions, ask us in the comments below or write in to us at [email protected]

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