CODE UNCODE – Hunt for India’s Top Secure Programmer, Online Competition from May 19, 2013

CODE UNCODE – Hunt for India’s Top Secure Programmer, Online Competition from May 19, 2013

Event Dates:

Preliminary Round – May 19th (Sunday)
Semi Final Round – May 26th (Sunday)
Grand Finale – June 02nd (Sunday)

Code Uncode is a national level secure programming competition that aspires to create an opportunity to generate and strengthen awareness about secure programming and bring together existing and aspiring security professionals in the field of Programming.  The key initiative for Code Uncode is to hunt for country’s top secure programmers.

CODE UNCODE - Hunt for India's Top Secure Programmer, Online Competition from May 19, 2013

Competition: The goal is to provide a challenge for secure programmers to compete for the position and the title of the India’s Most Secure Programmer.

Scoring: Code Uncode is an online competition where the programmers will compete at the basic preliminary round, moving on to the semi-finals and finally competing in the grand finale. There will be multiple choice questions and they will have to score the maximum in a limited period of time. There will be negative marking for every wrong answer. Maximum correct answers in the shortest period of time will be the criteria to qualify to the next round of the competition.

After every round 10% of the participants will move to the next round finally moving to the finale.

Compete in Code Uncode and become India’s most secure programmer


The event will be conducted in 3 parts- Preliminary, Semi Finals and Finals leading to identifying the top programmers in our country.

Preliminary Round – 120 Mins
100 multiple choice questions in languages- C, C++, .Net, Java
Semi Final – 75 Mins
75 multiple and scenario based questions in elective format- C++ & .Net OR C++ & Java
Grand Finale – 60 Mins
10 Scenario based questions, where maximum vulnerabilities will need to be discovered and fixed to make it the most secure program- Java/ .Net

Note:  Negative marking at all levels

Students can register online directly through the website or with the respective ATCs in their regions. There will be early bird registration discounts and gift vouchers, scholarships and awards for the winners.

Website URL:
Email Address: [email protected]