Qualcomm Design in India Challenge 2021

The Qualcomm Design in India Challenge – 2021 is a continuation of the initiative by Qualcomm that was started in 2016 to encourage design houses and product companies to invent useful and innovative hardware product designs incorporating Qualcomm chipset platforms and technologies. It has been inspired by the tremendous potential of Smart Devices and products that can be built in the domains of Smart Infrastructure, Biometric Devices, Medical Technology and Rural IoT. For 2021, the challenge also includes 5G use cases and applications that use NavIC capability on mobile devices enabled with NavIC feature.

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society, Qualcomm is glad to offer support to India’s technology ecosystem through the Qualcomm Design in India Challenge 2021. In its sixth edition, with this design challenge and partnering with Startup India and AGNIi, Qualcomm continues to spur the domestic hardware ecosystem which will positively impact the product ecosystem of design and enhance the manufacturing facilities in India.

Program Details


  • Individual startup companies that demonstrate Hardware and Embedded design experience
  • HW design proposals must be focused on one of the domains – 5G Applications and NavIC use cases, Smart Infrastructure, Medical Technology and Rural and Industrial IoT – regardless of the form factor of the product.
  • HW designs must be based on one of four available platforms. Please see QDIC Terms and Conditions for platform details.
  • Registered companies from India only will be considered for further evaluation in accordance with the quality of work submitted. Students do not qualify for this challenge.
  • Only one submission per company will be accepted. Multiple proposals from the same company could lead to disqualification.
  • Participating companies should have preferably established operations of minimum 6 months in hardware design and solutions.
  • The quality of each product design in the focus areas mentioned above with clear HW/SW differentiation will be valued along with creativity and relevance to “community and technology” related demand in India.