100,000 Lanterns – Sky Festival on February 14, 2015

100,000 Lanterns - Sky Festival on February 14, 2015

Lighting up sky lanterns is a joyous goosebumps inducing moment. There would be a child like happiness on every participant’s face in awe of all the lanterns take flight and sway away into the sky. It brings in a positive vibe to the place that participants wouldnt want to leave the venue till the last of the lanterns go up.

100,000 lanterns elevates hope, ignites dreams, and creates memories. Thousands of lanterns, released in unison to create something beautiful.

Our eyes aid us to witness this beautiful spectacle lets gift someone the chance to see the beauty around us. Lets Pledge to donate our eyes.

The event would be a self sustainable event, front facing to enable train and create self employement to women slaving in the beedi industry being prone to health hazards.
Creating a cooperative society which will be a hub in Adilabad District in the newly formed Telangana State to provide alternative self employement to make sky lanterns and other by products from paper like confiette etc, in line with “make in India” campaign of India. They make and they sell, we help creating markets for them.

Lanterns have traditional been there since centuries in all rice growning countires of Asia. Some of the nations like Thailand are attracting more than one million tourists from around the world just to witness the spectacle of thousands of lanterns air bourne. The West has also caught up to it and have been doing festivals around.

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