EyeMyth Media Arts Festival 2019

EyeMyth is the only Media Arts Festival in India – unique in its intersection of Indian and Global art, culture and technology. Dive into an exciting new world of unusual tools & ideas with radical artists, designers and technologists!

The 3 day festival programme for 2019 constitutes –

‘MASSIVE MIXER’ – THE CONFERENCE | November 29 – 30 | Deepak Talkies, Lower Parel, Mumbai

A 2 day Visual conference on the future of storytelling in India & Beyond

What is it?
Massive Mixer features 50+ inspirational speakers sharing their approaches & techniques for crafting the future of creative tech & new expressions.

What are the themes covered?
Massive Mixer is curated with a focus on the Future of art, media and culture over 15+ themes including – Gaming, Storytelling, Transmedia, Immersive Media & Performances, Digital Heritage, Indie Publishing, Generative & Realtime Art, Experimental Film & Animation as well as Funding horizons.

Who does it feature?
Speakers represent India, UK, Australia, Switzerland, Romania and more – and capture emergent global thinking, while grounding ideas for Indian contexts and immediate application in your work (see below).

Confirmed speakers

Joelle Tobler – Black Spoon Games (indie games)
James Boyce – Grumpy Sailor (immersive experiences)
Mikaela Jade – Indigital (augmented reality & digital heritage)
Betty Sargeant – PluginHUMAN (digital art experiences)
Varun Ramanna (transmedia art)
Chris Solarski (game art & writing)
Ogrehead Studio (game design)
Vikas Pandey (virtual reality)
Invisible Flock (new media art)
Ayaz Basrai (speculative design)
Digital Jalebi (interaction design)
Studio Oleomingus (heritage games)
Studio Moebius (transmedia & animation)
Meraki (VR); Akshat Nauriyal (augmented reality)
Murthovic (multimedia performance)
Shreya Dalmia (self-publishing)
Abhinav Mishra (code-based art)
Shraddha Mandale (illustration)
Meet Bhatt (web-based art)
Aldona Video Club (experimental film)…
More to be announced.

What one can experience at the Massive Mixer –

A fast paced, visual rollercoaster through a universe of emergent topics in arts & culture
Path-breaking speakers crossing over new media, interactive arts and digital storytelling
Spotlight on the process of making memorable experiences using emergent technology
Critical discourse on the changing landscape for Indian creative work
A real search for Indian voices and position in the global landscape of creative tech and related art forms and mediums

‘SPECULATIVE SUNDAY’ – THE WORKSHOP | December 1 | AntiSocial, Lower Parel, Mumbai

A Full-On Sunday for learning Speculative Design & Collaborative Fiction

What it is?
Speculative Sunday is a day devoted to hands-on workshops that visualise radical cultural futures for India, while learning new skills in Speculative Design & Design Fiction.

What’s the day like? –
We kick off the EyeMyth Sunday with ‘Bhavishya Bhojanalaya’ – a futuristic brunch curated by India’s leading food provocateur and chef Gresham Fernandes in collaboration with ‘The Good Slice’; served with a bouncing side of lo-fi music curated by indie label Skip-A-Beat.

What follows is a unique, fast-paced co-creation workshop on ‘Speculative Design’ – an increasingly in-demand global skillset for creatives. 20 groups will be led by expert facilitators on a hands-on, co-creation journeys into the future of Mumbai and India in 2040.

High Tea features a sharing of ‘HUM.2035′ – a highly successful global project in Speculative Design & Design Fiction. Artists, animators and writers create a wall of projections from the workshop with the delegates for the evening party.

The evening wraps up with a series of ‘Audiovisual Performances by Future Fiction ft. Plan-B’ – effectively blending the workshop, performances and afterparty into one giant seamless celebration owned by everyone.

Who am I learning from?
The workshop is facilitated by innovation studio Quicksand (www.quicksand.co.in) which is providing 20 design researchers who will be paired with 20 domain experts to conduct the workshop

What one can experience at the Speculative Sunday –

A fast-paced hands on experience in collaboration with 300+ peers
A primer on Speculative Design & Design Fiction
A toolkit on speculative design with a set of field-tested approaches & tools
An experimental brunch party
An evening of audiovisual experiences
Each participant will be a credited contributor to a book that is inspired by the workshop

EYEMYTH AFTERPARTIES | November 29 – December 1 | Various Locations

More details soon!

Night 1 : Future Music Visions
Friday, November 29 @ Antisocial (Parel, Mumbai)

Night 2 : Desi New Media
Saturday, November 30 @ TBC

Night 3 : Speculative Sunday Afterhours
Sunday, December 1 @ Antisocial (Parel, Mumbai)


Award Winning Indie Video Games from Switzerland & India

Supported by Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council

Concept artists interpret alternate Indian histories through science fiction

Cutting Edge Virtual Reality from Around the World

Radical short films and animations that visualise global music

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Supported by :
British Council

Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council