A Pawfect Holi-day by VISTA ROOMS

Eco-friendly Holi is a great idea! But how about an Eco-furry Holi? We love your pets as much as you do, so let’s celebrate this Holi-day together.

Here’s a brief look at what this event will cover:

  • All Meals & BBQ for owners & pets
  • Tempting Holi appetisers
  • Water Games
  • Music to get you grooving with your little ones
  • Splash Pool, Games & Toys so your pets can have a ball
  • Pet Grooming to mark a paw-fect day!


Travel to the property
Travel Petiquette / Things to carry for your pets:
All relevant documents (ID, name tag, vaccine records, etc)
Specific medication and vaccines, if applicable
Towels (for pets), cap, raincoat & footwear

Things to Note:

No colour will be permitted on the premises.

1 pet per booking

Please clean up your pet prior to letting them in the rooms.

Kindly clean up after your dog and dispose off the waste.

Please ensure that the housekeeping staff is aware of any pet’s defecation related accidents and request for special cleaning efforts.

Owners will take complete responsibility for their pet’s actions, behaviour, and temperament