Supermoon Holi | Mumbai

Supermoon Holi is taking the celebration of Colours to a whole new level with an all-female line-up featuring some of the most talented musicians at an eco-friendly festival during international women’s week!

She is bold, she is independent, she is vibrant, she is unique, she is dynamic, she is super and she strikes the chords to her own rhythm.

Revel in the colours and festivity of Holi specially curated food & beverages including a thandai bar, in keeping with the spirit of the festival. As part of our efforts to go green, we will have organic colours so you can enjoy the festival guilt-free.

We look forward to welcoming you at Supermoon Holi on 10th March 2020 in Mumbai. Stay Tuned to know more.

About Supermoon
Supermoon is a flagship IP by Zee Live, a division of ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL), that tours music and comic artistes with a global connect. Since its inception in June 2019, Supermoon has become a larger than life phenomenon which aims to give Indian audiences an experience which is enriching and fulfilling to the soul.