Maqtha Art District Curated Tour, Hyderabad

MS Maqtha is an urban village in the heart of the city next to the city landmark of the Hussain Sagar lake. The art district project started in 2016 with the dream of introducing the lively neighborhood to a wider audience thanks to unique urban art interventions. The tour guides the participants across the maze of Maqhta while offering insight on the global street art movement and the locally realized creations by national and international artists.

Meeting point – MS Maqtha Parking lot, opposite People’s Plaza

Maqtha Art District
The curated tours are interactive walks that take the visitors through the vibrant public art district of the city. Through the tours St+art engages the public and introduce them to a new format of experiencing contemporary art and the city itself. These walks will provide an insight into the historical aspects of the location, the stories behind the project and each one of the murals. The participants will become active witnesses of the cityscape’s enhancement and of the re-imagination of its public spaces.

FAQ’s about the event
The tour is centered around MS Maqhta, an urban village situated on Necklace Road. It is a housing locality on the bank of Hussein Sagar lake, built without any government support and flourished self-sufficiently. International & Indian artists worked together to give an artistic identity to this colony, giving birth to Maqtha Art District. Hosted by one the residents of the colony and St+art team member, the tour travels through the various murals created by the artists and the colour coded lanes and squares brought to a new life thanks to this geographical and emotional. The tour invites the visitors into the green, pink, yellow, turquoise gullies and in the blue chowk, taking them through the artworks created in response to the unique and intimately approachable local context vs the burgeoning cityscape. Major attractions Hussain Sagar lake, People’s Plaza, Eat Street and Necklace Road Railway Station , Tank bund

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