Concert | AUW Choir & French Ensemble Son Ar Mein Consort

Alliance Française of Hyderabad invites you to the concert of the Asian University for Women Choir, with the French ensemble, Son Ar Mein Consort.

ASIAN UNIVERSITY FOR WOMEN has been founded in 2008 to help young women to change the patriarchal and traditional society in Asia and Middle-East. AUW reunites more than 800 students from 25 countries to prepare them to work in a leader positions in international organizations, high level administrations and NGO.

AUW Choir, it’s:
– 100 young Women 18 to 25 years old
– Coming from 13 countries in Asia and Middle East
– Coming from 7 religions or religious movements
– wishing deeply to change traditional patriarchal society
– wishing to become emancipated and leader in their country
– Loving singing classical Western and Eastern music

AUW Choir:

Selvam Thorez, Direction
Ethan Golbach, Directeur assistant

Son Ar Mein Consort (SAMC, French Ensemble):

Claire Lefilliâtre, soprano
Camille Aubret, violon
Martin Bauer, viole de gambe
Jean-Luc Thamby, théorbe
Keyvan Chemirani, percussions


– Michel Corrette, Messe pour un temps de Noël
– Claude Balbastre, Première suite de Noël
– Noëls traditionnels français harmonisés par Louis-Claude Daquin
Christophe Ballard, et Michel-Richard Delalande
– Eustache Du Caurroy, Une jeune pucelle
– Chants traditionnels du Nagaland (Inde), Cambodge, Sri Lanka et Bangladesh