Decodelic 7 – Open Air Psychedelic Theme Party

Decodelic parties are the talk-of-the-town & for good reason! As Psytrance grows to being the city’s favourite style of music, Decodelic events play a key role in reflecting upon the true & complete vibes, bringing together thematic ambiance & powerful music!

As always, the party shall boast of a custom-designed set, trippy stretch-fabric decor, delicately calculated lighting & superbly powerful music in a wonderful, windy open-air poolside partyplace, overlooking the lake – we have a scene that’s all set to create mind-isolation, right in the centre of the city!

Highlights of the Night: Trippy live visuals, customised, photogenic, carefully calculated & artistically created psychedelic décor + a windy open-air scene; Hyderabad’s favourite psytrance acts!