Haunted Mansion w/ Tony Junior x Kill The Clowns

‘I See Dead People’ took the people senses by storm and the horror in the line still keeps us frenzy. RaveEra is all prepped to deliver an ecstatic weekend and resurrect em goosebumps but with a twist of jubilant music and festivity. Presenting #MonsterHalloweenSaturday bringing you first show by RaveEra and it will in all likelihood be the rave night unseen for most of the era. 1 Night of festivity and horror, 3 Ghosts you ironically will adore, 1 Massive Haunted Mansion and Zombie Dancers. Haunted Mansion by RaveEra x Prism wouldn’t want to leave any leaf unturned to be in this house where we have Tony Junior & Kill The Clowns performing to deliver chills!

2nd November | Saturday

#RaveEra #FirstEdition #PrismHyderabad