Levi’s® Lounge presents Kanishk Seth Trio + Robusta Indica


Kanishk Seth is an Indie-Electronic Music Composer and Producer. Kanishk released an album called Trance with Khusrow with India’s finest Sufi Singer Kavita Seth. The album has received a lot of appreciation and was also nominated at GIMA and Mirchi Music Awards under the Best Fusion Album Category. He also released a crowd-funded animated video of one the song called Jab Yaar Dekha, and has been a speaker and performer at TEDx PICT.

Kanishk has performed at various college, music and literature festivals like FTII, IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo, IIT Madras’ Saarang, Jashn-e-Rekhta, Gujarat Lit Fest, Hyderabad Literary Fest, GIFLIF, Enchanted Valley Carnival’ 15 and many more.

When it comes to my musical performance, he plays with a band called Kanishk Seth Trio which performs a blend of Sufi & Electronic music and some of my originals. To accompany Kanishk on vocals the consists of Devashri Golambre – a Hindustani Classical performer and Adwait Kashikar on flute.


With an organic, crunchy, warm folk vibe, the Robusta Indica are spicing up for Levi’s Lounge. With seeds grown from different parts of the country, Robusta Indica is an infusion of each seed’s distinct flavour. As the name suggests, every kernel is robust and freshly brewed. The aroma it produces can make people hear age-old melodies from the start of time. The coffee hits all the high notes in your mind that one can imagine. Having Robusta Indica is like experiencing the passage of time itself, rather quickly. Please consume at ease. Recommended for all ages with no limits on excessive consumption. This coffee is known to have a lasting effect which might leave you humming the melodies you hear.

The Seeds of Robusta Indica have been grown gently with care where each leaf is valued. We believe the source of our coffee is as important as the coffee itself.

Seeds of Robusta Indica are carefully and organically grown in the minds of:

Aditya Aswath & Yash Chittal who give the seeds their distinct warmth & bittersweetness (Guitars)

Ananyaa Gaur whose voice gives the seed it’s strong flavour. (Voice)

Prashin Jagger whose low ends make the seeds round & full (Bass Guitar)

Shabarish Garg whose sounds make the seed crunchy & give each seed it’s unique granular feeling (Percussion)